Design/ Planning

Elevate your workspace with our expert team of designers who specialize in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments tailored to your business needs. From conceptualization to execution, we ensure a seamless process, blending innovative design with practical planning to optimize your commercial space. Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our comprehensive Design and Planning Service, tailored for your success.


Seamlessly bridging the gap between acquisition and utilization, our dedicated team ensures a hassle-free experience. From secure transportation to precise on-site assembly, we prioritize efficiency, precision, and utmost care. Trust us to bring your envisioned workspace to life, ensuring every piece is not just delivered, but meticulously installed to perfection. Elevate your business environment with our reliable Delivery and Installation Service, where excellence meets convenience.


Embark on a seamless office transition with our Office Moving Service. Our dedicated team specializes in the meticulous planning and execution of relocating your workspace, ensuring a smooth and efficient move from start to finish. From disassembly and secure packing to timely transportation, we prioritize the integrity of your assets. Our experienced movers handle every detail, providing a stress-free relocation experience for your business. Trust us to minimize downtime and maximize productivity during your office move. Choose reliability, choose efficiency – make your transition effortless with our comprehensive Office Moving Service.


Whether you’re downsizing, upgrading, or reconfiguring your office space, our specialized service ensures a smooth and responsible liquidation process. Our team of experts excels in assessing, planning, and executing office liquidations with precision, maximizing asset recovery and minimizing environmental impact. Explore a seamless and sustainable approach to office transformations with our comprehensive Liquidation Service – where professionalism meets environmental responsibility. Unlock the full potential of your office space today.


Elevate your office environment by choosing from a spectrum of premium materials, colors, and configurations. Our expert craftsmen ensure every piece is designed to meet your unique preferences, bringing functionality and style seamlessly into your office space. Experience personalized comfort and efficiency with our bespoke office furniture solutions.


Revitalize your office aesthetic with our meticulous Refurbished Service at Office Furniture Now. Give your existing furniture a new lease on life as we expertly restore, refinish, and rejuvenate each piece. Our skilled team ensures quality craftsmanship, transforming worn-out furniture into stylish and modern assets for your workspace. Embrace sustainability and cost-effectiveness with our office furniture refurbishing service, bringing a fresh and contemporary look to your office while minimizing environmental impact. Rediscover the beauty of your office furniture with our professional refurbishment solutions.


Your solution for restoring the beauty and functionality of your cherished pieces. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in repairing scratches, dents, and wear, breathing new life into your furniture. From refinishing surfaces to structural fixes, we offer a tailored approach to address each piece’s unique needs. Choose from a range of quality finishes to match your style. Revitalize your furniture with precision and care, ensuring longevity and preserving its original charm. Experience the art of furniture restoration with our dedicated Touch-Up and Repair Service – where expertise meets a commitment to preserving the essence of your furnishings.


Elevate the aesthetic and longevity of your furnishings with our expert team, specializing in revitalizing worn-out upholstery. Choose from a curated selection of premium fabrics and materials, and let our skilled team breathe new life into your existing pieces. From office chairs to lounge seating, our Reupholstery Service offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to replacement, ensuring your furniture not only looks rejuvenated but also retains its comfort and functionality. Experience the art of furniture renewal with our meticulous Reupholstery Service, tailored to enhance both style and durability.

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