Design & Planning

Design & Planning | Office Furniture Now - Phoenix, AZ

Every workspace design needs to be built for order and efficiency within the given space or environment. At Office Furniture Now our role is to work with you, uncover significant office flow needs and evolve them into a space that provides flexible work options. For example, are you looking for a traditional workspace or a hybrid workspace? Our OFN team will ask extensive questions as designing your perfect space requires intel like – your budget, creating a floor plan, need for ergonomic seating and more.

Our team is highly qualified to create a space customized to your workplace culture. Bring us your ideas and we will create your vision come to life.

We provide the layouts, and all your office furniture needs. Although we do not provide any construction services like building walls and flooring; being in the business 15+ years we do have recommended list of contractors to get on your way.

For more information please call us at 602-501-5200